Secured Livelihoods and Resilient Communities

Our aim is to protect and secure the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and vulnerable people. We achieve this by working with small-scale producers and the private sector to improve access to resources, such as land, water and finance. To ensure vulnerable groups are able to benefit from economic development, we engage with our government partners to ensure development policies are inclusive and sustainable.   

We also work to enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities in high-risk areas. This means they are better able to adapt to disasters and mitigate the effects of climate change, and are less impacted by extreme weather events. When natural disasters occur, resilient communities and are able to recover more quickly.

What we want to achieve

Our Secured livelihoods and Resilient communities Goal centres on achieving:

  • Secure and improved income and fair share of benefits for female and male Small-Scale Producers (SSPs) and Private Sector (PS) and vulnerable groups including ethnic minorities, poor people, disaster prone communities...
  • Access to and sustainable use of production resources such as land, water, finance/credit and innovation/environmentally friendly technology. 
  • Vulnerable communities and private sector will have enhanced resilience to climate change through improved capacity on climate change adaptation and mitigation, and disaster risk reduction.
  • Accountability for sustainable and inclusive development
  • Government and private sectors at all levels are accountable for inclusive, sustainable, development policies policies (including Nationally Determined Contributions, National Adaptation Plan(NAP), new business models, feminist perspectives) for small-scale producers and vulnerable groups to benefit from sustainable production.

How we achieve it

This will be achieved through: 

  • Enhance capacity for and participation from female and male SSPs, PS, vulnerable groups, and private sector in natural resource management, including land, water, forest, ecology system and biodiversity
  • Ensuring accountability of Government agencies in policy development and implementation protecting right of SSPs, PS and vulnerable groups on access to and sustainable use of production resources (market, land, water, natural resources and finance/credit)
  • Promoting linkages and partnership between SSPs, PS, vulnerable groups and other stakeholders i.e. private sectors, CSOs, extension services, training and research institutions.
  • Promoting women’s economic and political leadership in agribusiness
  • Developing and nurturing  environment-friendly technology/innovations that are adapted to SSPs, PS, and vulnerable groups
  • Advocating government policy on climate change adaptation under NAP and mitigation under NDC with a focus on renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction 
  • Holding private sector accountable for promoting and practising responsible and inclusive business in supply chain governance, CSR, sustainable production, building community resilience to climate change...
  • Facilitating capacity building among humanitarian actors, through promoting local humanitarian leadership for improved disaster preparedness and response

Our projects

Oxfam in Vietnam is currently implementing seven projects with a focus on securing livelihoods and building resilient communities. Our ongoing projects include:


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