Social Accountability and Empowered Citizens

Oxfam’s good governance programme is focused on ensuring that all citizens, in particular those who are marginalised in society, such as ethnic minorities and poor men and women, have increased access to information and feel confident about raising their voices. We work to ensure that citizens have greater opportunities to influence decisions that shape their lives and are able to hold the government accountable. 

What we want to achieve

Our Social Accountability and Empowered Citizens goal seeks for:

  • People (especially women, young people, workers) have voice and agency to influence decisions that affect their lives
  • Inclusive decision-making process that enables voice of the grassroots inclusion in the national, regional and global decision making levels. 
  • State and private financing for development is more transparent, inclusive, sustainable and equitable with.
  • Accountable government and private sector

How we achieve it

Together with our partners, we conduct research on governance issues and use this knowledge to develop evidence-based policy recommendations. We help to develop multi-stakeholder coalitions and informal networks on issues of public concern in order to influence public debates, advocate with the government, and monitor policy implementation. We also promote linkages among local, regional and global governance networks, convening and brokering a wide range of actors to work collaboratively and influence laws, policies and budgets.                            

Our projects

Our ongoing projects include: 

  • Strengthening Access of Ethnic Minorities in the Use and Management of Land and Forest (2020-2023)

  • Fair for All (2021-2025)

  • Fair Finance Vietnam (2018-2022)

  • Justice Initiatives Facilitation Fund of the EU Justice and Legal Empowerment Programme in Vietnam (2017-2022)

  • Decent Work and Social Protection (2017-2022)


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