Ban Thư ký Quỹ Thúc đẩy Sáng kiến Tư pháp (EU JULE JIFF, gọi tắt là Quỹ JIFF) và tổ chức Oxfam tại Việt Nam trân trọng thông báo kết quả xét duyệt tài trợ lần thứ ba.
The cost of vaccinating the world against COVID-19 could be at least five times cheaper if pharmaceutical companies weren’t profiteering from their monopolies on COVID-19 vaccines.
M-Score is a scorecard tool, which was developed by Oxfam and Vietnam Initiatives (VNI) in 2014, to score public administration services. The project has been implemented to support local governments to improve public administration services by providing real-time information on citizen's...