What we do

Oxfam has a vision where all people are empowered to pursue development opportunities which address all forms of poverty and injustice. In Vietnam we work in partnership with government, civil society, businesses, communities, media, research institutions and think tanks to influence policy and practices aiming at reversing economic, gender and social inequalities. Our work is divided into three main categories:

Quỹ Thúc đẩy Sáng kiến Tư pháp (EU JULE JIFF, gọi tắt là Quỹ JIFF) là một trong hai hợp phần của dự án “Tăng cường Pháp luật và Tư pháp tại Việt Nam” (EU JULE) do Liên minh Châu Âu tài trợ nhằm góp phần tăng cường xây dựng pháp quyền ở Việt Nam thông qua hệ thống tư pháp tin cậy và dễ tiếp cận. Ban...
Ethnic minority farmers in Vietnam. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
Oxfam in Vietnam's work is guided by Change Goals: good governance, women's rights, disaster resilience, resource rights, and active citizenship.
GROW in Vietnam report launch, 2015. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
In order to achieve our aims, Oxfam in Vietnam undertakes and produces a wide selection of reports and papers on our programming, advocacy and research.
A farmer at work in Hoa Binh province. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
Even it up: Oxfam’s campaign to tackle extreme inequality. Oxfam launched its global Even it up campaign in October 2014 and made global headlines on the issue of inequality at the last two World Economic Forums. Oxfam continues to present the case that extreme inequality is one of the defining...
Ethnic minority woman harvests crops in Ninh Binh. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
Oxfam in Vietnam campaigns side-by-side with local partners and supporters to raise awareness, change behaviour, and help develop good policies. We currently support GROW and Even-It-Up.