Enterprises for Development Phase 2 (EFD2) (2018 - 2021)

The Enterprises for Development Phase 2 (EFD2) project works with impact-driven SMEs in agriculture value chains that create social impacts for small-scale producers (SSPs). The project targets SMEs that want to improve their business management capacity and pursue sustainable production methods. These SMEs want to improve how they monitor their supply chains and are eager to use technology to trace their products.

Implementing locations     

National level


  • Support SMEs to improve their business management capacity for sustainable development by providing training and tailored business development services (BDS).
  • Support SMEs to access investment (impact investors or conventional capital providers) to upscale their business.
  • Pilot the application of advanced technology on quality monitoring and product traceability with SMEs and SSPs.
  • Contribute to the enforcement of favorable conditions/policies for impact-driven SMEs in Vietnam.

The outcomes

Target and beneficiary Groups   

Inclusive SMEs; small-scale producers, cooperatives, and their employees.




GSRD Foundation







Implementing Partners


Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion




Centre for Supporting Green Development





Project Launching

Super Star Competition


EFD Phase 1

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