At the Mekong Startup 2022 forum themed "Modern, circular, low-emission agriculture" in Dong Thap recently, biomass gasification technology (VCBG) was introduced and demonstrated as a solution. clean, sustainable, and low-emission energy for agriculture by Oxfam and its partners.
Under the theme "Enhancing access to law and justice in the field of environmental protection for disadvantaged groups", more than 25,000 people have been raised legal awareness, nearly 2,500 people have been provided legal assistance, and 9 recommendations have been contributed to improving the...
On December 10, the awarding ceremony of the "Youth Initiative to Promote Gender Equality" contest was held at the University of Technology and Education - the University of Danang with the presence of the Delegation of the European Union, the university leaders and a large number of students.
Interesting questions were raised in the talk show “Gender prejudice in exercise and sports”, with the participation of experts in gender and media as well as representatives of the marathon team.
This morning, May 6, 2022, the project "Enhancing the Export Competitiveness of Vietnamese Small and Medium Enterprises in Spice, Fruit and Vegetable Sub-Sectors" (SFV-Export) was officially launched with the participation of more than 150 delegates, including representatives of the European Union...
The benefits of VCBG technology have received a lot of interest from cooperatives and small businesses at the workshop "Introduction of volumetric continuous biomass gasification technology - Turning waste into energy in tea production and processing” on the morning of April 26.
The delegation witnessed the excitement of the target groups, the benefits of applying VCBG technology, the benefits of the project contributing to promoting green growth, sustainable energy transition, and replication of the circular economy model in Thai Nguyen province.
Chè là một trong những ngành hàng nông nghiệp trọng điểm tại tỉnh Thái Nguyên. Tuy nhiên quá trình sao chế chè khô đang gây lo lắng về tác động xấu tới môi trường lẫn sức khoẻ của người sản xuất. Mặt khác, một khối lượng lớn phế thải từ quá trình sản xuất nông lâm nghiệp là nguồn nhiên liệu tiềm...
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