Cooperation agreement signed between the Institute of Legislative Research and Oxfam

Thursday, August 18, 2016
Oxfam signs agreement with NA in Hanoi. Credit: Oxfam in Vietnam

The afternoon of August 18, in Hanoi, the Institute of Legislative Standing Committee of the National Assembly and Oxfam held a signing ceremony for cooperation agreements for 2016-2019 to create a legal basis for co-operation between the two agencies. Director of the Institute of Legislative Research, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen, and country director of Oxfam in Vietnam Babeth Lefur participated in the ceremony.
Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Nguyen Dinh Quyen said that in recent years cooperation between the Institute and Oxfam has been very close and efficient, contributing positive support to the Congress amendeding important Acts such as the 1992 Constitution, the Land Law, the Law on state Budget, Law on local government, the Law on association, and the Law on Promulgation of legal documents.
The Legislative Research Institute appreciated the initiative of Oxfam in consultation with the people and social organizations on important laws that have a direct impact on citizens. Oxfam facilitated obtaining and supplying credible, science-based and practical information to the National Assembly while the laws were being finalized. Those initiatives have been become a real bridge between the elected representatives and voters, and helped voices be heard- especially those from vulnerable groups, marginalized in society. Their voices have now been heard comprehensively and in earnest.
The signing of a cooperation agreement between the Institute for Legislative Research and Oxfam for 2016-2019 will create the legal basis for bilateral cooperation activities agencies in the near future. Upcoming activities of the two sides will focus on the draft laws institutionalizing human rights, basic rights and duties of citizens as recorded in the 2013 Constitution, as well as having a direct impact on people, such as the Law on Associations, the Law on Protesters, legal Aid Law, the Law on Denunciations.
Expressing excitement about the partnership between the two agencies, Oxfam in Vietnam country director Mrs. Babeth Lefur also shared that apart from cooperation projects which have been implemented effectively, Oxfam will be implementing a number of projects such as policy monitoring, dialogue, building the legal framework, and improving access to justice for people. These projects will open up many opportunities for cooperation between the two bodies, while enhancing the cohesion exchange between legislators Institute for Oxfam and the state bodies and civil society organizations other.

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