Driven by expansion in shrimp farming areas and rapid productivity growth, Vietnam is now one of the world’s leading shrimp producers and exporters — with the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam its leading shrimp production area.
Bamboo forests blanketing the mountainous area of Que Phong, Nghe An hold the main livelihoods for most local families. So much so that the bamboo itself is hailed an “ATM machine”, dispensing cash as it is chopped and sold to merchants.
Biomass gasification technology applied in green tea processing in Thai Nguyen provides a clean, economical, available energy solution, and generates jobs for many local people.
Five women gathered at the cultural house with loud laughter. Their clothes remained dirty due to work in the fields and gardens. Their hard and rough hands, a result of their back-breaking work, were hurriedly holding a pen and taking notes with a guffaw.
“There are times when I was not allowed to go into households having domestic violence at all. Then, I decided to slowly ask about their economy, job, and health first and ask about their family later on. At first, they didn't welcome me, however, as they saw that I had no hint of mercenary yet...
When the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Women's Union had not arrived in Khoi Xa Ngoai village to form groups of people having the same interests, Ms. No kept impatiently looking at nearby groups.
Read the story in Vietnamese here “This area is home to delectable rice - rice grown on shrimp-farming land.” Ms. Dieu swiftly packed the five-kilo bag of rice branded “Tri Luc” as she spoke. She didn’t hide the regret that her cooperative used to sell raw paddy to the enterprises, making little...
Eager to provide health information to local people in a practical way, Mr. Nguyen Van Kien, Head of Son Trinh Village Health Station in Tan Lam Huong Commune, turned communication classes on “Hygiene promotions, commu-nity-led WASH-COVID-19 risk prevention” into exciting activities. The sessions...
The Covid-19 vaccine fund is a proper strategy to secure the huge financial resources needed for vaccination while reducing dependence on the government and state budget.