BridgeFest 2022: "Towards a Human Economy"

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Đọc Tiếng Việt tại đây

BridgeFest 2022 – The sixth Music Festival and Community Connection took place at Bien Dong Park, Da Nang City from 15:00 to 22:00 Saturday, August 27, 2022.

BridgeFest 2022 booth at Bien Dong Park, Da Nang City

BridgeFest 2022 Music Festival and Community Connection is open completely free to the public. The show has the participation of many famous artists with many different musical styles such as the group A Cappella from the United States - Backtrack Vocals, sound artists • • • (aka Nikola H. Mounoud), Da LAB, My Anh, the band Buc Tuong, Kimmese, Brainwave, Minh Toc & Lam, Mesid3 and many other famous artists.

BridgeFest 2022 wishes to be a driving force for positive changes in the community through the slogan "Be the change towards a human economy" - "Towards a human economy". A human economy that puts people and the planet above profits, distributing resources equitably and bringing benefits to the majority of citizens. The human economy reinforces positive life concepts in which people are deeply connected to their original culture and surrounding environment. BridgeFest encourages young people to become forces to reduce social inequality, to some extent. This message received tremendous support from the public and it has been a core value of BridgeFest since its establishment.

An activitiy to minimize impacts on the environment at BridgeFest 2022

This year BridgeFest 2022 has the companionship of 32 social organizations, social enterprises, and youth clubs from different regions - representing the community's diverse efforts to contribute to solving social issues related to the environment, education, health, culture, gender, and gender identity, people with disabilities, women, and children.

After five consecutive successful years in Hanoi, especially BridgeFest 2020 at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square attracting 15 thousand spectators, BridgeFest has become an annual event eagerly awaited by young people. BridgeFest 2022 marks the first time this Music Festival and Community Connection is present in Da Nang, with the expectation of spreading the message to more audiences in many regions of Vietnam.

BridgeFest 2022 Music and Community Connection Festival, held at Bien Dong Park, Da Nang City, is open for free, welcoming all audiences to enjoy vibrant and stylish music.

Feel the beat at BridgeFest 2022

BridgeFest 2022 is a cultural event co-organized by the Danang People's Committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the US Mission to Vietnam, the Embassy of Switzerland, and Oxfam in Vietnam. Ms. Pam DeVolder, Information and Culture Counselor, US Embassy, ​​shared: “I see that young Vietnamese people are extremely talented, dynamic, and willing to speak up for their beliefs. The participation of young people in this event will help the messages promoting equality and honoring diversity spread strongly, contributing to building a sustainable Vietnam in the future."

Ms. Vu Thi Quynh Hoa, Country Director of Oxfam in Vietnam emphasized the importance of youth in their efforts to bring positive changes to society: “I am proud every time I join BridgeFest and see young people who are passionate about music, enthusiastic and confident in social activities. This generation of young people with such a positive spirit will promote the development of our society towards a humane economy, an economy that encourages comprehensive social development, an economy that people need to pay more attention to spirit, environmental, and social, not just economic.”

Ms. Vu Thi Quynh Hoa, National Director of Oxfam in Vietnam, spoke at the festival.

BridgeFest 2022 is the first year the Swiss Embassy participates as the Organizer. Ms. Nicole Wyrsch - Chargé d'affaires of the Swiss Embassy shared: “Following the 6-year journey of the program, we consider BridgeFest to be a really meaningful program, spreading many good messages. The Swiss Embassy and its partners hope that BridgeFest 2022 will be an interesting highlight of the summer of 2022, not only in terms of music but also in humanistic parallel activities.”


Notes to editors: 

What is BridgeFest?

Formerly known as South East Asian Pride 2016 – a music event honoring diversity and equality in society, BridgeFest was held for five consecutive years and has become a signature community event that attracts a large audience and spreads inspirational messages about equality and social integration.

Since 2017, BridgeFest has been co-organized by Oxfam and the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam. BridgeFest is part of Oxfam’s worldwide campaign “Even It Up – Bridging the Gap,” which aims to eliminate inequality.

BridgeFest 2020 was co-organized by Oxfam and the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, REACH, ECUE, and Hexagon JSC.

In 2022, the Swiss Embassy joined BridgeFest as one of the Event Organizers, and this year also marks the first year the program will be held in Da Nang city.

Artists and Special Guests at BridgeFest 2022

BridgeFest 2022 proudly presents sensational artists from a vast variety of genres including pop, soft rock, indie, rock, and more. Many of the songs to be performed have taken the charts by storm, and artists want to use their voice to convey the thoughts and sentiments of young people and encourage them to be their authentic selves.

BridgeFest 2022 features a special guest: world famous American acapella group Backtrack Vocals. This five-person pop vocal group showcases the top-notch vocal abilities of all members and creates interesting harmonies—all done without any instruments! Backtrack promises an alluring performance.

• • • (aka Nikola H. Mounoud) is from Switzerland. His original works are creative and attract attention of fans from across the globe. Nikola H. Mounoud is a unique performer of BridgeFest 2022. The beats he brings will surely surprise audiences.

BridgeFest’s theme song "Ai cung nhu ai" will be played at BridgeFest 2022 by Da LAB, as well as during an exhilarating flash mob dance performance that is expected to stir up the atmosphere of Bien Dong Park. In recent years, Da LAB has affirmed its name on the Vietnamese music market through a series of catchy tunes that are well received by young people. Participating in this event, Da LAB will perform famous songs such as: “Thanh Xuan”, “Cha Khoi The Gioi Nay”, “Thuc Giac” and others.

My Anh, a young artist, is not only known for her "diva-like" voice but also for her social activities. Recently, My Anh collaborated with Genderation Vietnam to release the song "Can Gi Hon Nua" with the message of overcoming social stereotypes to love and confidently express oneself. Performing at BridgeFest, My Anh will continue to spread the message of love through her voice and unique songs.

Buc Tuong Band - one of the first professional rock bands in Vietnam – will continue to impress audiences with uplifting songs about youth, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness.

The return of Kimmese to BridgeFest this year is anticipated to bring about even more electrifying performances that will undoubtedly wow those in attendance.

Brainwave, Minh Toc & Lam and Mesid3 easily will make Gen Z audiences fall in love with their fun and unique sounds.

There will also be other special events such as dancing flashmobs and fashion shows.


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