VCG 1 Projects

Red Dao women at a workshop. Credit: Oxfam in Vietnam

Budget Transparency

Oxfam’s budget transparency project aims to empower local governments, civil society organisations and women and men in Hoa Binh and Quang Tri to effectively influence the public budget process, focusing in particular on poverty reduction programmes.

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Coalition Support Programme & Land Governance

Oxfam’s Coalition Support Programme aims to contribute to more accountable governance in Vietnam by increasing opportunities for citizens to participate in decision-making. The programme, which was set up in July 2012, identifies and supports issue-based coalitions to carry out advocacy throughout the policy-making process. 

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Oxfam has developed an innovative mobile phone scorecard tool (called M-Score) that enables citizens to score the performance of public administration services via their mobile phone. The tool allows citizens to voice their experience and helps local governments monitor public administrative services, providing information that can help to improve the quality, transparency and accountability of these services.

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Pro-poor Policy Monitoring

A three-year Oxfam project is conducting monitoring and analysis of pro-poor policies across Vietnam, looking at how these policies are implemented and what impact they have on people’s lives. The aim is to provide the government with qualitative research and policy recommendations, supporting the development and implementation of pro-poor and socially inclusive policies.

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Tax Justice

A unique new Oxfam project is working to introduce a more fair fiscal policy in Vietnam. The project is based on the understanding that reforming tax policies, for example by reducing harmful tax exemptions and incentives, will contribute to an increase in government revenue. This can be used for greater public expenditure, such as for quality health care services.

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Vietnamese Agricultural Investment

In 2015-16, Oxfam in Vietnam is implementing an initial one-year project to conduct research and advocacy on Vietnamese cross-border agricultural investments in Laos and Cambodia, focusing on major crops such as rubber, coffee and sugar cane. The overall goal of the project is to reduce any negative social and environmental impact of these investments and to make sure that the land rights of women, men and local communities are respected. 

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