Active Citizenship Projects

Vietnamese youth at an LGBTI workshop in Hanoi. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam

Ethnic Minority Empowerment

Since 2013, Oxfam has been working with partners to support ethnic minorities in seven communes to claim their social, cultural and economic rights.

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LGBTI Rights

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in Vietnam face discrimination in their families, schools, local communities and in public. Working together with partner NGOs, Oxfam focuses on eliminating discrimination against LGBTI people in Vietnam and making sure they enjoy the same rights as other citizens.

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My Rights, My Voice

Oxfam has implemented an education governance project in Vietnam since 2012. The project  aims to empower students – in particular girls and ethnic minority students – to understand their rights and creates opportunities for them to communicate with education decision makers so they can help shape an education that meets their needs. 

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Workers’ Rights

Oxfam is helping to make sure that migrant and informal workers in Vietnam, particularly women, are able to defend their rights and have improved access to social protection. This includes a regional programme covering Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and several smaller national projects.

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