One Oxfam goes live

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Oxfam in Vietnam Go Live event in Hanoi. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam

One June 14, 2016 Oxfam in Vietnam held a launch event to mark the commencement of One Oxfam, which unites all the affiliates in the country under one single structure and one program.

"Welcome to this special moment where One Oxfam in Vietnam is now a reality, you may not believe it yet, but I promise this is true!! Seeing is believing!

In Vietnam and for several decades, eight affiliates committed their resources to work alongside with partners to ending poverty and injustice, those were – OHK, Oxfam Italy, Oxfam Quebec, Oxfam America, Oxfam Belgium, Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Great Britain and Oxfam Novib Netherlands. Oxfam is now merged into One Oxfam building on the best expertise, legacies, and combining all programmes and resources into one single comprehensive programme managed by one team under a single structure".
- Babeth Ngoc Han Lefur - Country Director, Oxfam in Vietnam

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