Even It Up Asia calls on ASEAN governments to recognize unpaid labour

Friday, July 29, 2016
Women in Asia unpaid work. Credit: Oxfam in Asia

Cheers! It’s #PayDayFriday! All your hard work finally paid off! But how would you feel if on your next pay day, all you’d receive is money worth zero, and a compliment note from your office telling you that “your hard work is simply priceless”?

In Asia, women work two and a half times more on taking care of their kids, cleaning their house, cooking and other house chores. This role, despite being essential in keeping economies running, remains unrecognized and undervalued by our governments and employers.

Join our call on ASEAN governments to recognize, redistribute and put more value to women’s unpaid care work. Sign our petition at act.oxfam.org/asia.