Vietnam National Consultant For PEM III Evaluation (deadline 17.09.2021)

The Vietnam National Evaluator will be asked to work with his/her evaluation member and evaluation team leader to develop his/her workplan defining key milestones for different phase of the evaluation process that would cover:

  • The design of evaluation methodologies, inception plan and stakeholder meetings and interviews focusing project interventions in Vietnam
  • Document review and information analysis and inception report of focusing in Vietnam that would contribute to the overall project evaluation report.
  • Focusing on Vietnam country report that is aligned with the overall project evaluation report (more details in TOR attached).

Position: Vietnam National Evaluator

Program: Asia Regional Natural Resource Governance Cluster

Project: People Protecting Their Ecosystems in the Lower Mekong (PEM) – Phase 3

Geographical coverage: Mekong and 3S region (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam)

Program Lifespan: N/A

Project Lifespan: Jan 2013 – December 2021

Responsible to: Regional Extractive Industry Program coordinator/ PEM Project Manager

Accountable to: Project Advisory Group, and Evaluation Coordination Group

Candidate should form an evaluation team that meet the following qualifications:

  • Master degree in development fields holding Vietnamese citizenship.
  • Demonstrates at least eight (8) year experience in program design and impact and outcome evaluations.
  • Has at least 10 year working experience in development works preferably related to sectors such natural resources management, biodiversity conservation; integrated conservation and rural development, human right, environment, gender, agriculture, rural development in Vietnam and lower Mekong region.
  • Demonstrates good experiences in team works and team management
  • Demonstrates experiences with diverse cultural contexts.
  • Demonstrates a strong analytical and communication skills.
  • Demonstrates high level proficiency in writing (English) with clear and concise analysis and in developing reports that include visual representation of data.
  • Understands the principles and practices of right based development approaches.
  • Demonstrates understanding and experience on the roles and ways of working of CSOs and community based organizations.
  • Has fluency in English and understands social and political context of Vietnam and of lower Mekong Program countries.
  • Has experience working with multi-stakeholders in relevant sectors.
  • Understand principles, leadership models, and ways of working, guidance of social evaluation and social accountability framework of Oxfam and of humanitarian organizations

How to Apply:

The applicant is expected to submit:

  • Detailed proposal and CV/company profile
  • Estimated budget for this assignment (the consultancy fee should be mentioned in net fee or fee including VAT. The Vietnam evaluator will not require to include budget lines for travel and accommodation costs as these would be covered directly by Oxfam if travel is possible under the context of Covid 19 outbreak.
  • Proof of experience in the advertised field.

Applying through:

Oxfam recruitment website:
by September 17, 2021 at 23:59 ICT.