Consultant for Gender Transformative & Responsible Agribusiness Investments in SEA 2

Scope of work

The assignment for the consultants’ team will include design of data collection methods and tools, data collection in five countries and at regional level, data analysis, production of a final report, and validation workshops. The evaluation report will consist of a main evaluation report and 2-4 pages of summary for each of the five country projects and for the regional component as annexes.

The assignment is expected to take a maximum of 60 days spread within a period of 14 weeks although payment is based on deliverables not number of days. It will commence in February 2023, with data collection in March and a final report to be presented by mid-May 2023.

The consultant(s)/ consultancy team will be required to conduct the activities described below and will report directly to the consultancy management team:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of programme documentation
  • Design data collection methods and tools for the evaluations
  • Present the findings of the programme documentation review, data collection strategy and sampling strategy with detailed timeframe for the evaluation, finalised data collection tools, list of stakeholders in the form of inception report
  • Organise the logistical arrangements necessary to carry out field work. Proposals should outline where Oxfam should support on this
  • After approval of the inception report by the consultancy management team, conduct data collection according to approved data collection strategy
  • Submit a draft evaluation report
  • Based on the feedback from the evaluation management team, re-assess findings and, if necessary, conduct additional data collection to fill any outstanding information gaps
  • Design and deliver an online validation workshop for the programme team
  • Submit a final evaluation report
  • Deliver an online presentation for the programme team and key stakeholders based on the final report
  • Hand over all raw data and data analysis files to Oxfam
  • Attend weekly brief evaluation management check-ins online with the consultancy management team

What we are looking for

The successful team will be selected based on the following criteria:


  • Demonstrable experience (at least 6 years) evaluating economic development programmes (at least one member should have at least 6 years of relevant experience), preferably market system development work in Asia, particularly in the project countries
  • Demonstrable experience (at least 6 years) of evaluating or managing ’women’s economic empowerment and/ or gender transformative programmes (at least one member should have at least 6 years of relevant experience)
  • Proven experience evaluating large-scale multi-country programmes
  • Demonstrable experience of producing high-quality, credible evaluations
  • Fluency in English
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills in English and ability to write concise, readable and analytical reports.


  • A team consisting of members based in each of the five project countries OR having relevant experience and good understanding of context in each of the five project countries
  • Demonstrable experience working with or evaluating agriculture projects, particularly rice and shrimp sectors
  • Demonstrable experience working with/evaluating policy influencing work in Asia, particularly in the project countries
  • Fluency in local languages of the project countries among team members.

How to apply 

Applicants should apply as a team, desirably consisting of members based in each of the five project countries OR having relevant experience and good understanding of context in each of the five project countries (however not a must for the application). It is required, however, to specify in the technical and financial proposals how the team will be fulfilling the assignment in the given locations. The management team of the consultancy will consist of the Team Lead, MEL specialist and MEL advisor of GRAISEA 2.

Applications should be submitted to by 22nd Jan. 2023. Submissions should include:

  • around one-page expression of interest detailing relevant experience and how your team meets the required qualifications, skills and capacities.
  • a technical proposal of maximum five pages detailing understanding of the assignment, suggested evaluation approaches, methodologies, tools and sampling approaches,
  • composition of consultants’ team and their roles and responsibilities for the evaluation
  • detailed timetable or carrying out the task within the overall timeframe suggested in the deliverables table below.
  • detailed financial proposal providing the total budget required for carrying out the task, with a breakdown per activity, including but not limited to consultant’s daily rate, travel and commuting expenses, costs related to data collection such as daily fees and training costs for supervisor/ enumerator teams, communications, translation, transcriptions, software licenses and office materials, all tax inclusive.
  • CVs of all consultants in the consultants’ team.
  • sample of previous, similar evaluation reports conducted by the team of bidders.