Consultancy For Developing Private Sector Engagement Guideline, Policy and Procedures

Assignment objective

Overall objective of the assignment is to support Oxfam in Vietnam in developing a set of PSE guideline that defines and formulates key aspects of the PSE guideline and incorporated step-by-step guideline to implementation for staff. The key aspects are, but not necessarily limit to the followings:

- Vietnam private sector related context and policy analysis

- Oxfam in Vietnam’s added values in engagement with private sector

- Targeted changes in corporate policy and practice, and enable government policy

- Sectors/ industries in Oxfam in Vietnam’s focus

- Types of private sector in Oxfam in Vietnam’s focus

- Practical approaches for effective PSE

- Updated/ improved Oxfam in Vietnam’s policy and procedures for effective PSE

Tasks and methods

- The Consultant will work closely and together with the Oxfam Private Sector Engagement Specialist to complete following tasks with suggested respective methods of implementation.

- The Consultant and the PSE Specialist will discuss a plan of implementation with clear assignments, roles and expected outputs to guide the whole assignment process.

Documentation of inputs

The Consultant will lead the collection of information, analyses and documentation as inputs for incorporating into the PSE guideline. Appropriate methods for conducting these activities could be proposed by the Consultant, but suggested to include:

- Review of relevant PSE documents, country strategy, documents of past, ongoing PSE-related projects, and desk study of Vietnam private sector context and policy

- Talk with relevant staff and teams, i.e. country leadership, PSE specialist, programme’s managers, project managers, etc,

- Consultation through facilitating internal seminars with relevant staff and teams.

- Meetings with some Oxfam’s key private sector partners to have insights on their motivations in partnership with Oxfam, effective partnership approach, and Oxfam’s added values

Development of the PSE guideline

The Consultant will support the Oxfam PSE specialist in writing the PSE guideline with inputs resulted from the task 3.1. Outline of the PSE guideline would consist of the followings:

- Background

o Introduction

o Purpose of the PSE guideline

- Vietnam private sector context

o Vietnam private sector

o Private sector related policy

- Oxfam in Vietnam’s vision

o Vision in the lens of PSE

- Objectives of PSE (as anticipated)

o Inclusive and responsible business, and sustainable business models

o Sustainable standards, guidelines and laws

o Cross-cutting issues

o Policy influencing

- Oxfam added values (in private sector partnership)

- Engaged sectors/ industries (with specific case studies and lessons learned)

- Type of private sector (in terms of size, origin, legal registration) (with specific case studies and lessons learned)

- Approach to engagement with private sector

o Review of OI’s approaches to private sector engagement

o Practical approaches to PSE in Vietnam (with specifical examples/ case studies, pros and cons, lessons learned)

o Step-by-step guideline to implementation of each approach

- Oxfam PSE principles

- Oxfam policy and procedures for PSE

o Risk and opportunity assessment

o Ethical screening

o Check list for an effective PSE process

Expected outputs

This assignment is expected to deliver three key outputs as below:

- Documentation of specific inputs/ aspects with careful analyses (as mentioned in parts 2 and 3.1)

- A complete PSE guideline (as mentioned in part 3.2)

- A PowerPoint presentation for sharing of the PSE guideline

Consultant Selection Criteria

- Strong knowledge and experience on private sector enagagement and influencing, particuarly in Vietnam;

- Strong experience in documentation, consultations and facilitation;

- Excellent skills and knowledge on analytical and system thinking;

- Good knowledge and experiences on inclusive business, business for development, coorporate social responsibility

- Fluent Vietnamese and good English;

- Proven experience of similar scope and topic is preferable;

- Ability to meet deadlines and prioritize multiple tasks;


Interested candidate(s) should submit an application including:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) showing relevant experiences;
  • Technical proposal which meets all of the aforementioned tasks and outputs, describing how the assignment will be accomplished including time frame, method, and proposing any initiative for an effective collaboration with Oxfam staff in charge in this assignment;
  • A detailed budget estimation including: consultant fee, logistics cost, and other tax included costs for complete products (specify the number of working days and consultant fee);
  • If you have done similar work, please submit your portfolio to Oxfam.

The proposal should be submitted in English/Vietnamese by e-mail: and with the title “PSE guideline” by 17:00 VN time, 06 February 2023

Oxfam will select consultant(s) based on the proposal’s quotation and creativity of candidates. Please be noted that, Oxfam will contact shortlisted candidate only.