Consultancy to develop a funding direction paper for “Gender Equality and Women’s Agency” program

The overall objective includes:

• To develop a funding direction paper for Gender Equality and Women’s Agency program, covering the period 2023-2028

Specific objectives include:

  • To conduct a systematic literature review of emerging and concurrent gender-related issues in Vietnam, under 04 sub-outcomes, over the last 10 years.
  • To identify and analyze current donors’ interests and funding trends to address emerging and gender-related issues in Vietnam.
  • To suggest specific themes, under 04 sub-outcomes, based on key findings of donors’ interest analysis,
  • To document successful and widely applicable models by Oxfam and other organizations working on these themes over the last 10 years and still possibly effective in the upcoming context 2023- 2028 and beyond., and

As a result of all analysis above, to develop three project ideas, in consultation with Oxfam staff and possibly relevant partners. Project idea details include but not limited to: a brief problem statement, description of the theory of change to address the problem, and stakeholders involved (including consortiums from current and potential networks, gender-related partners organisations, service providers, women’s organisations and feminist alliances. etc.). The budget scope for each idea is estimated at around EURO 700,000 to EURO 1mil, lasting 4-5 years.


  • An inception presentation with specific and comprehensive tools and methodologies, sample, timeframe and budget;
  • A presentation of key findings and recommendations to be used in validation and sharing meetings
  • A high-quality research report in English should not exceed 40 pages with standard academic font: Times New Roman, 12pt size, A4 page, 1’’ margins all around (excluding Annexes and photos) which is developed in a clear and concise writing style;

Oxfam in Vietnam support

  • To provide consultants with all relevant papers and Oxfam sources of information, including but not limited to, Oxfam country strategy paper 2020-2025, Oxfam Country Operational Plan 2020-2023, Oxfam learning hubs, Oxfam view and voices sites, Oxfam policy and practices sites, etc.
  • To provide consultants with list of donors and a descriptive report of their interests
  • To connect consultants with key information interviews, if relevant
  • To mobilise relevant Oxfam staff to engage during focus group discussion and validation meetings

Required competencies

  • At least a master's degree in development/social sciences or equivalent; Ph.D. is preferred;
  • Have an in-depth understanding and strong experience in developing a funding strategy for non-
  • Governmental organizations, with a particular focus on gender equality;
  • Have strong systematic literature review and reporting skills in English, and
  • Have strong presentation and facilitation skills.

Submission of Interests

Interested individuals should send their proposal for the task including a CV, brief technical proposal, consultancy rate, and other fees to complete the task, including Personal Income Tax or VAT.

Oxfam in Vietnam will recruit based on the quality of proposal, applicant’s experience, and the proposed budget.

Applications should be submitted via e-mail (in Vietnamese or English) to the following addresses:, with the subject line “[Your name] Gender funding paper”, no later than 10 February 2023.