Consultancy to conduct a study on the perception of gender equality in the mining sector (deadline 14.08.2022)

Scope of work

  • Conduct a case study on the perception of gender equality in the mining sector
  • Organise consultation workshops
  • Write a report after the task completed
  • Attend monthly mentoring sessions and learning events

Outputs/ outcomes

  • One research proposal with clear methodology and data collection toolkit
  • One full study report with an executive summary is provided after a peer-review and consultation from relevant stakeholders
  • One report after the task competed


July 2022 – March 2023

The detail plan will be discussed between FFV and the consultancy team

Required competence:

  • Good profile and experience in working on extractive industries with track records of achievements
  • Strong expertise in gender, with proven track records of doing similar gender research
  • Having good understanding of extractive industries, labour standards, responsible business
  • Adhere to Oxfam’s principles and values

Submission of Interests

Interested agencies should send the following information:

  • Portfolio of the team, showcasing relevant experience, previous works, notable clients
  • CV(s) of the team members in charge, with relevant experience
  • A brief proposal with the components as described in the Scope of work
  • A proposed budget plan, including consultancy rate, travel expenses, and other fees to complete the task, including Personal Income Tax or VAT

Oxfam in Vietnam will recruit based on the proposed budget and the quality of the proposed idea. Candidates should present your proposals in a clear and thorough manner.


Applications should be submitted via e-mail (in Vietnamese or English) to the following addresses:, with the subject line “[Your name] FFV”, no later than 14 August 2022.

For further information and clarification, please contact Ms Trang Hoang at