Consultacy for Updating Local Rice Value Chain Analysis in Thai Nguyen Province

Objective of study

The objective of this study is to:

  • Update the value chain map of local rice varieties in Thai Nguyen province. Update and analyze the markets and key actors engaging in the value chains, including gender issue and relationships between value chain actors.
  • Update and analyze the key challenges and opportunity to develop sustainable local rice value chains.
  • Provide feasible solutions for strengthening local rice value chains toward sustainability and inclusiveness in Thai Nguyen province.

Scope of work and key contents

Scope of work:

+ The study will focus on some key local rice varieties in Thai Nguyen province such as Bao Thai rice and Thau Dau sticky rice.

+ The study will be conducted mainly in Thai Nguyen province

+ Timeline: 2nd February 2023 to 15th January 2023.

Key contents of study:

To accomplish the assignment, the works to be carried out by the consultants would include but not limited to the following key contents:

+ Update/identify the key actors for the selected local rice value chains, including supportive services for local rice value chain development. Conduct in-depth analysis on the role, situation, barriers and advantages of each actor participating in the value chain, and relationship amongst value chain actors.

+ Assess the production situation of each local rice variety (production technique, production areas, yield and productivity, harvesting and processing technology, etc)

+ Input supply (e.g. fertilizers, pesticide, seed provision, etc)

+ Update the assessment on market demand (both current and potential markets) for local rice varieties, including market requirements on rice quality, prices, packaging, labels, etc

+ Analyze income of farmers producing local rice varieties, and comparison with other popular rice varieties. Analyze the investment capacity of rice farmers (labor, capital, knowledge and skill).

+ Identify value chain supportive services, including extension services, post harvest services, financial services, etc.

+ Provide feasible solution to strengthen local rice value chains toward inclusiveness and sustainability principles.

Deliverable and timeframe:

The consultants are expected to deliver the consultancy report with the below timeline:

· Draft report: 20 March 2023

· Final report: 25 March 2023

Requirements for consultants

The consultant(s) should have:

+ Master’s degree in one of the following majors: agriculture, economics, business administration, trade or other related fields

+ Strong skills and proven at least 5 years of experiences in conducting value chain analysis, market research, planning and research, evaluation, assessment and survey in agriculture sector, familiar with rice sector is an advantage.

+ Good knowledge and understanding on economic and social inclusion, sustainable value chain development, rural economic development, social issues in agriculture sector in Vietnam.

+ Commitment to equal opportunity and gender equality with demonstrated experience in integrating gender and diversity issues into the value chain assessment.

+ Be committed to and able to meet the deadline.

+ Strong analytical skills with both quantitative and qualitative, participatory methods.

+ Strong coordination/organization/networking skills and experience in coordinating expert teams.

+ Excellent writing skills.

How to apply

The Interested consultant is requested to submit application documents via the below email address and should include:

· Consultant’s Curriculum Vitae: Introduction of the Consultant’s profile and related experience (CVs)

· Detailed technical proposal achieving all expected objectives within mentioned timeframe (including framework, team structure, implementation plan…);

· Financial proposal that specifies number of working days required and consultancy rate

How to Apply: The Proposal and documents could be written in English or Vietnamese and should submit by email to with the subject mentioning: “Local rice value chain analysis in Thai Nguyen province”

The closing date for application: 29th January 2023.