PhotoVoice: Hey Friends! Listen Up

Promoting children's participation

PhotoVoice: Hey Friends! Listen Up. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
Paper author: 
Oxfam in Vietnam, iSEE, SIDA
Paper publication date: 
Monday, September 1, 2014

PhotoVoice can be defined as the voice of the photos. It is a combination of photos taken by the people of a community so as to share their own stories. PhotoVoice helps participants develop the ability to become the subject of creation. 49 students from three provinces, 4 ethnic minority groups (H’Mong living in Lao Cai, M’Nong living in Dak Nong, Cham and Raglai living in Ninh Thuan) and 9 schools, took part in the PhotoVoice project to capture their daily life activities and tell stories associated with each photo, thereby sharing their thoughts about life and people around them.

The PhotoVoice process not only created a colorful exhibition, but rather, it was a process for the children to build confidence in themselves and for adults to believe in their children’s abilities. The exhibition is over, but the photos of the children are still here, as evidenced by the motivation they have to continue to believe and do other things by themselves. They deliver their voice to so many people, and to make it go farther and wider, they will need the adults to continue believing in them and provide opportunities for them to continue the journey of self-determination.