Oxfam in Vietnam Country Strategy 2015-2019

Vietnam Vision 2020

Vietnamese children cross a bridge in rural Vietnam. Credit: Oxfam in Vietnam
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Oxfam in Vietnam
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Oxfam’s vision is of a Vietnam where all forms of poverty, injustice and inequality are tackled by enabling women, marginalized and discriminated groups to voice their own agenda and exercise their rights. Where distribution of the benefits and costs, opportunities and risks, of growth are equitably shared and where vulnerable groups are no longer excluded.

During 2015-17 transition period to One Oxfam globally, Vietnam leadership will specifically invest in developing the people’s talents and commitment to 2020, develop an income strategy with an ambition commensurate with Oxfam investment in strengthening responsive governance, we will be better known as a gender leader, we will be facilitating movement building; constructively and yet compellingly engage with and influence government and corporations to promote an inclusive and equitable development.