Increasing Inequality: What do people think?

A Vietnamese woman cleans her home in Hanoi. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
Paper author: 
Oxfam in Vietnam
Paper publication date: 
Friday, November 1, 2013

In recent years Vietnam has seen unprecedented economic growth coupled with an overall reduction in poverty. This has led to an increased standard of living for most Vietnamese citizens. This has led to new set of problems. Rapid economic growth has lead to an increase in inequalities.

In order to understand people’s awareness about inequality and the related policy solutions in Viet Nam, Oxfam conducted a study on “inequality awareness” in 2013 . The study focused on how aware various groups of people are about the reciprocal relationships between increasing inequality and social mobility, social/institutional trusts and resource allocation. These are major issues for sustainable and harmonized development that have not been fully recorded in previous studies.