GROW: Farmer's Rights, Voices, and Choices

Understanding farmer's cooperation and linkages in agricultural production to promote rights, voices, and choices

Farmers harvest their crops in central Vietnam. Credit: Oxfam Vietnam
Paper author: 
Oxfam in Vietnam, RDC
Paper publication date: 
Monday, August 3, 2015

Almost 30 years since the Doi Moi reforms were introduced, rural agriculture in Vietnam has progressed substantially, helping the country to transform from food shortages to food security and the exportation of agricultural products. One of the key factors contributing to this is the acceptance and encouragement of fostering a household economy and cooperative economies in rural communities in Vietnam. 

This report was prepared during the Government’s review of policies to promote cooperatives, economic cooperation, and vertical integration in the value chain of agricultural products. Based on the information gathered during our research, we propose that policy makers, implementing agencies, and authorities at all levels review and adopt the recommendations of this report. This will help to create positive and innovative changes for the development of cooperation and linkages and farmer’s organizations, as well as provide a sustainable contribution to the work of restructuring and renewing the agriculture sector of Vietnam.