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E.g., 11/28/2022
E.g., 11/28/2022
The Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) is a ranking of 161 governments worldwide on the extent to which they are taking steps to reduce inequality.
The study findings help illustrate that climate change and natural disasters have aggravated multidimensional inequality.
As billionaires gather in Davos, Switzerland, in person for the first time in over two years, they have a lot to celebrate. During the COVID-19 pandemic their mountain of wealth has reached unprecedented and dizzying heights. The pandemic – full of sorrow and disruption for most of humanity – has...
In 2006, the Gender Equality Law (GEL) was passed by the 11th National Assembly. This marked a significant advancement in exercising Gender Equality (GE) in Viet Nam. After almost 15 years of implementation, Viet Nam has secured important achievements in terms of GE, making meaningful contributions...
This photo book is a collection of seven miniature models aiming to paint a broad picture of our society today. Though these models do not aim to represent all areas in the Human Economy framework, we hope these can serve as ‘food for thought’ to spark ideas of a Human Economy.
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